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There are various reasons and benefits to ride a bike. It can greatly improve your fitness and health, as it increases your cardiovascular performance, strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. It also brings mindfulness to your mind, and it has been proven as an effective stress releaser. Of course, riding a bike is also a smart way to preserve the environment. We are not only talking about fuel consumption and global warming; riding a bike is also so much quieter than motorcycles and automobiles. Traffic jams become irrelevant to your daily life.

In Bikewaymap.com, we discuss various things that are related to bikes and bike riding. Start from the essential equipment such as helmets and protectors and bike lights, and then there are also discussions about bike parts or accessories that may enhance the look or performance of your bike. Of course, every once in a while, we also post about the best bike routes in the world! Bikewaymap.com aims to become your trusty guide and partner in the bike world.

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