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Rebel flag tattoos have been popular for a very long time. Many people, who get this tattoo design, typically belong to the South, and take pride in their Southern heritage. For a variety of people, getting tattooed with the image of this flag, also referred to as the Confederate Flag, is a fantastic method of revealing their pride for their location of origin. The Confederate flag is likewise referred to as the fight flag. For some, it is also a matter of the disgraceful tip of slavery, serfdom, partition, and American Civil War. A number of people also take a look at these tattoos as a symbol of States’ rights, pride, and independence. It became preferred after it was depicted in a Hollywood movie ‘Dukes of Hazzard’, where it was painted on the automobile’s roof. Confederate flag tattoo ideas are many. Let’s see some of them.

For a number of individuals, having actually inked with the picture of this flag, also acknowledged as the Confederate Flag, is an ideal manner of revealing their pride for their area of origin. The rebel flag is also determined as the fight flag. Rebel flag tattoos ideas are vast. Generally, a Confederate flag theme is easy in design, however these days you will stumble upon a great deal of embellishments on these tattoos. Typical patterns, which are utilized with the flag consist of, skull and crossbones over the top of the flag. A rather patriotic iconography has a bald eagle flying throughout the flag or over the top of the flag. Racist tattoos sporting this flag are those, which utilize the words ‘Southern Justice’ on them, with or without a noose.

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