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Natural progesterone is utilized to keep a regular level of progesterone and a well balanced ratio of estrogen to progesterone. Natural USP progesterone is biologically similar to the hormone women produce, and provides an alternative to taking artificial hormones. They can also be utilized for basic progesterone supplements.

The balance of progesterone and estrogen in a female’s body is crucial. Progesterone acts to stabilize excess estrogen therefore preventing estrogen from becoming hazardous to health, a condition referred to as estrogen supremacy. At various times in the life of a females, hormonal imbalance can result in signs of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause.

Symptoms of progesterone imbalance include:
– Bad moods
– Hot flashes
– Anxiety
– Weight gain
– Bloating
– Low sex drive
– Breast inflammation
– Premenstrual syndrome

In the right amount, bioidentical progesterone can assist:
– Menopausal signs
– Have a relaxing effect
– Enhance state of minds
– Normalize sleep
– Boost libido
– Use fat for energy
– Manage fluid balance
– Support blood sugar and mineral balance

Progesterone Supplementation Alternatives for Women
The Progesta-Care brand of natural bioidentical progesterone creams and spray from Life-Flo are made for hormonal agent imbalances and a range of women’s fibrosis associated conditions.
– Progesta-Care Cream or Spray
For females dealing with diminishing fibroids, have other women’s fibrosis conditions, AND are still estrogen dominant, select this Progesta-Care natural progesterone cream or spray with NO phytoestrogens. Paraben complimentary.

– Progesta-Care Total
Progesta-Care Complete includes Prognenolone and 7-Keto DHEA and can be utilized by those who are estrogen dominant and/or struggling with fibroid and other females’s fibrosis conditions. It can likewise be utilized for general progesterone supplementation. Paraben totally free.

– Progesta-Care PLUS
For females who are experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and need estrogen supplementation, Progesta-Care PLUS is an outstanding cream which contains both natural progesterone and phytoestrogens. Paraben totally free.

– Progesta-Care Estriol
For females searching for both natural progesterone plus estrogen supplements, Progesta-Care Estriol an optimum balance mix of natural progesterone and estriol. Paraben totally free.

Progesterone Supplements for Men
– Progesta-Care for Men
Progesta-Care Cream for MenIn addition, males too can suffer from estrogen dominance. Estrogens from environmental and food sources (xenoestrogens) can produce hormone stimuli that can add to improper development of mammary tissue cells, resulting in a problem society is now calling “man boobs”. Learn more on our Guy’s Progesterone item page.

Some think that estrogen dominance in guys is adding to:
– Prostate problems
– Breast enlargement
– Bone/Muscle Loss
– Impotency
– Atherosclerosis
– Male patterned baldness
– Weight gain
– Low sex drive

Extra Hormonal Agent Balance Support
Ladies and guys experiencing estrogen dominance can likewise use DIM and/or Myomin to help metabolize and lower unhealthy estrogen levels. Additionally, Calcium D-Glucarate can be utilized in conjunction with the above listed items to assist ensure that utilized hormones are eliminated instead of being reabsorbed and transferred in tissues and organs where they can cause cellular damage.

If a fibroid is large and mature and has not responded to estrogen control, progesterone might be contributing to its growth. Other health specialists feel progesterone acts to mediate estrogen and manages its results during the menstrual cycle, and think that it does not contribute to fibroid growth. If your fibroid is large and mature, you might consider NOT using a progesterone cream simply to be safe.

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