Unicycle Sizing

Popular in the circus, and utilized by lots of people to practice balance and workout, unicycles are undoubtedly a cool contraption. Not thought of as really popular, unicycles are utilized for freestyle riding, long-distance touring and racing. The simple style integrates a single wheel, seat and pedals, simply a 4th of exactly what a standard bike offers. Sizing a unicycle is just like sizing for a bike, and this is largely dictated by your height and inseam measurement.

2 of the primary factors to consider when choosing a unicycle are whether it will fit you and exactly what sort of riding you want to do. In “What Size?” we have a infomation on what leg length you need to fit each unicycle wheel size and a description advising which unicycle wheel sizes are proper for different types of riding.

You likewise need to decide what you want to make with your unicycle. Here is a breakdown of the sizes:
– 12″ Unicycle
This is a unicycle developed for a smaller sized kid. It benefits kids who are too little to ride a 16″ unicycle, however it needs smooth ground and is not great for outdoors. For children approximately 5 years of age.

Cut Down Seatpost: 18.5″ (47cm) Minimum Leg Length: 19.5″ (50cm) Optimum Leg Length: 24″ (61.5 cm).
– 16″ Unicycle
This is a children’s unicycle, the small wheel makes it only appropriate for very smooth areas. Finest used indoors or on smooth ground; not so excellent outdoors particularly if it is unequal or rough, helpful for finding out for 5 to 8 years of age (always examine your kids leg length to be sure).

Cut Down Seatpost: 20″( 51cm) Minimum Leg Length: 23.5″ (60cm) Optimum Leg Length: 29″( 74cm).
– 20″ Unicycle
Traditionally the most popular size of unicycle. These are excellent indoor, they turn fast and the best size for tricks. They are terrific for unicycle hockey or basketball.

Reduce Seatpost: 24″ (61cm) Minimum Leg Length: 28″ (71cm) Optimum Leg Length: 33″ (84cm).
– 24″ Unicycle
This is a typical size among adults. Great for outdoors on courses, off-road and open areas although it can be a little bit huge for inside your home unless you have access to big hall or health club. The larger wheel can make some of the sophisticated freestyle techniques harder. Good student maker. Great for Muni and Trials with a big tyre.

Reduce Seatpost: 27″ (69cm) Minimum Leg Length: 31″ (79cm) Maximum Leg Length: 36.6″( 93cm).
Cut Down Seatpost: 29″ (74cm) Minimum Leg Length: 32″ (81cm) Optimum Leg Length: 36″ (92cm).
– 29″ Unicycle
This benefits communting. The huge wheel makes it quickly and smooth. You can likewise use this for off-road however it’s not so great for really rough surface. Not as quick as a 36″ however lighter and more active. For innovative riders.

Cut Down Seatpost: 30″ (76cm) Minimum Leg Length: 34″ (86cm) Optimum Leg Length: 39″ (100cm) 36″ Unicycle The travelling unicycle. They are smooth and quick if you are a speed fiend then consider one of these. Not a students unicycle at all and not for inside.

The commuting unicycle. If you are a speed fiend then consider among these, they are fast and smooth. Not a learners unicycle at all and not for inside your home.
Cut Down Seatpost: 29.5″ (75cm) Minimum Leg Length: 29.5″ (75cm) Maximum Leg Length: 40.5″ (103cm).

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